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Genkii Editorial Guidelines

Thinking of submitting an idea, an article or a blog?

These guidelines will help you ensure you're on the right path to increase your chances of publishing success with Genkii Magazine. 

  • Content must add value to our Community. Whether you are sharing DIY tips & tricks, life hacks, Health & Beauty routines, skin care secrets - the one rule is that your article/post/content must add value. If something is useful to you, it will be useful to others - so be prepared to provide an answer on how your content will add value to our readers. 
  • With digital content on the rise now - we are expanding our content to include not just written articles and blogs, but also visual content including photography, videos (Instagram Reels, TikTok videos, Snapchats etc). So don't feel you need to restrict yourself to the traditional forms of publishing, because here at Genkii - we embrace diversity. Get creative, be expressive - in whichever form you feel best communicates your message. Express Yourself. Share the Knowledge, and the Love. We'll take care of the rest for you.