19 DIY Bed Frame Ideas to Inspire Your Next Bedroom Refresh

19 DIY Bed Frame Ideas to Inspire Your Next Bedroom Refresh

We’ve all heard the phrase “If you want something done right, do it yourself,” so why not start with something practical, like a DIY bed frame? Unlike a headboard, which may add a much-welcomed design moment, but isn’t strictly necessary, a bed frame is an essential piece of bedroom furniture. That said, bed frames, no matter how minimalist in structure or appearance, can come with a high price tag. So, if you’re looking to save your wallet from a cash hemorrhage, put your toolbox to good use, and upgrade your home decor along the way, you may want to consider building a DIY bed frame.

Whether you build the frame, headboard, and footboard entirely yourself or upgrade a version from IKEA or Amazon, you really can’t go wrong—especially because you’re in charge of the design of these bed plans from beginning to end. From DIY floating bed frames to storage bed ideas, there are almost limitless options, so consider this your cheat sheet, complete with 19 tutorials that work for king-size beds, queen-size ones, full mattresses, and twin beds alike. Get ready to love your bed again.

Play with pattern

Don’t shy away from having fun with your bed frame. It can be the most eye-catching element in a space. If you’re thinking about how to build a bed frame, try starting with the fabric. Whether you choose a bold yet classic option or opt for something a bit more demure, fabric is an easy way to upgrade an upholstered bed. Just pin it to your headboard or attach it to the wall for an instant transformation.

Beata Heumans London house features a headboard made with a BFGF blanket.

Beata Heuman’s London house features a headboard made with a BFGF blanket.

 Photo: Paul Raeside

Take a page from the minimalists

There’s something to be said about extreme minimalism. When it comes to a bedroom-specific DIY project, the trendy pieces tend to be floating bed frames and platform bed frames, but a bohemian-style wood box in which the mattress (and box spring) fits perfectly is always in style. Not to mention, these modern bed frames are super easy to build and, unless you want to use reclaimed wood, you can purchase the few materials you’ll need at Home Depot. Get your woodworking on.

SaveHow To: Build a Simple and Inexpensive DIY Bed FrameCurblyNot a fan of elaborate, expensive headboards? Try this simple DIY for a minimal bed frame that won't cost an arm and a leg.    #[

Go wild

Studio John Sharp’s custom, multi-tiered, furry sleeping quarters for comedian Jordan Firstman may not be easy to replicate, but it’s worth a try, if you are craving a bold look. If executed correctly, this DIY bed is bound to be the centerpiece of your space. Start with a few pieces of cut and sanded hardwood (think teak or beech) and build the basic shape of the frame. Then, make your way to the fabric store to pick out the faux fur you’ll want to bolt to the wood bed frame.

Jordan Firstmans furry bed.

Jordan Firstman’s furry bed.

 Photo: Sean Hazen

Spare no detail

Wood platform bed frames with slats are key for anyone who wants to improve blood circulation while they snooze—the wood pallets are able to distribute pressure in ways that standard bed frames can’t. Plus, if you opt for thick slats of softwood (plywood, for example), you’ll feel the frame adjust to your weight—even if it’s a queen bed that sleeps two. There are easy DIY platform bed frame ideas all around the internet, if that’s the look for you.

Paint the legs

If you’re elevating your DIY floating bed frame on a set of legs, add a touch of drama by painting them a dark hue. Otherwise, consider a set of metal ones (hairpin legs, anyone?) and powder-coat them in a unique shade, like gunmetal. A wood bed frame paired with metal legs is the ultimate industrial-chic combination.

Go luxe

Though this suede bed frame may be a lucky flea market find, it’s relatively easy to copy. For this particular DIY bed frame, start with the base, and then build walls that are just tall enough to completely envelop the mattress. Next comes the slightly more difficult part: Cut and bolt the suede, so that it lies flat against the frame. If you’re feeling fancy, install a plush leather wrap around the top of the frame to replicate the one pictured here.

Cyndia Harveys suede bed frame.

Cyndia Harvey’s suede bed frame.

 Photo: Veerle Evens

Dress it up

Though bed skirts may be a bit old-fashioned, they hide a potentially unattractive DIY bed frame that could taint the look of the space. Whether you choose a coastal-inspired linen option or a bold twill alternative, your bed frame will feel instantly elevated. Extra points if you’re pairing a bed skirt with a pallet bed—the ultimate French country vibe. This simple bed frame upgrade is also good for concealing under-bed storage.

Consider contrast

An all-white bedroom is a classic look, but if you’re looking to incorporate a little edge, take a page from blogger No Glitter No Glory’s book and opt for one or two moody pieces for drama. After all, few color combinations pack a bigger punch than matte black on stark white.

Develop a disassemble plan

Ananda, the California native behind A Piece of Rainbow is an expert at DIY projects, and this wood bed frame is proof. Wondering how to make a bed frame that’s easy to disassemble when you move? A Piece of Rainbow’s bed frame tutorial has the answers.

Add texture

A bed frame like this one, in Palm Springs, California, is all about shape. If you find a unique piece that you want to make your own, try adding some cane to the mix. Whether you use it to fill the negative space or to line the base of the bed frame, you’ll certainly enjoy the sophisticated flair and subtle nod to island life. You may not be building the bed frame from scratch, but you’re making it your own.

The bedroom in Caroline Lees hideaway on the outskirts of Palm Springs.

The bedroom in Caroline Lee’s hideaway on the outskirts of Palm Springs.

 Photo: Echo and Earl

Focus on material

Poplar is a richly grained hardwood that proves a rustic touch never hurt anyone. Opt for quietly luxurious bedding to let the charismatic material shine. Whether you’re building a queen or twin-size bed frame, if it’s made of poplar, it won’t be lacking in charm. This step-by-step tutorial will make the work easy.

Let nature do the work

If you’re going for a whimsical look, but don’t exactly know where to start, take a cue from design powerhouse Celerie Kemble. Wrap the frame of a traditional four-poster or canopy bed in lush faux vines for a super easy DIY project that won’t take more than a few minutes.

Get comfortable

Ready to curl up in bed with a good book? This DIY headboard from Sarah Sherman Samuel repurposes floor cushions for an additional layer of comfort. She added the headboard to an existing platform bed in this easy DIY project.

Get inspired

Whether or not you live on a beach, you can still outfit your bedroom in coastal-inspired pieces. A great place to start is with a DIY bed frame with a leather headboard that pairs nicely with weathered vertical shiplap.

Keep it simple

If Eva Alt’s social-media-consultant boyfriend Sharif Khalje can design, build, take apart, and reassemble the couple’s ultra-sophisticated bed frame, so can you. Seek out light-toned woods to keep the space feeling light and airy. Building a bed frame isn’t easy, but with results like this, why not give it a try?

Eva Alt and Sharif Khaljes custom bed.

Eva Alt and Sharif Khalje’s custom bed.

 Photo: Max Burkhalter

Adhere to a budget

The creative genius behind this stunning DIY bed frame, which was inspired by a similar design from Pottery Barn, built it for less than $300. Sometimes less really is more, especially when it comes to stretching a budget.

Freshen up

Flowers tend to make everything feel (and smell) fresher. Simply drape a fragrant vine atop the length of your headboard or base, and enjoy. What’s better than waking up and smelling the flowers?

Think outside the box

When we consider the most elegant organic materials, rope doesn’t usually come to mind, but here, it works. The bed may not be hanging from the ceiling, as the rope suggests, but it’s totally unexpected. It’s also a unique alternative to the traditional four-poster bed.

Channel Scandinavia

Scandinavian design prioritizes organic materials, gentle color palettes, and functionality over all else. This stylish DIY bed frame comes complete with clever storage, so you can save valuable closet real estate—perfect for a small space.

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