Cleanfluencer's $6 bedspread hack removes wrinkles without ironing

Cleanfluencer's $6 bedspread hack removes wrinkles without ironing

Linen bedspread before and after DIY wrinkle removing spray
This Aussie mum uses a DIY spray made of water, fabric softener and rubbing alcohol to get the creases out of her linen quilt cover. Photo: TikTok/Carolina Mccauley

Linen sheets and bedspreads are having a bit of a moment, but while these natural fibres add a sense of effortless elegance to your bedroom, it can be a little tricky to keep them looking their best. 

Linen creases easily in the wash and trying to wrestle a large doona cover over an ironing board is no one’s idea of fun.

Fortunately, one Aussie mum has shared a genius hack to quickly and easily remove creases from her linen bedspread without needing to get out the iron.

Using only water, a little fabric softener and some rubbing alcohol, ​​Carolina Mccauley made a DIY spray that she spritzed onto her freshly made bed in a TikTok video that’s clocked up over 200,000 views.

After applying the spray, she simply smoothed down the quilt cover, waited for it to dry and voilà - the result was a beautifully wrinkle-free bed.

To make up the DIY spray, you need one cup of water, one teaspoon of liquid fabric softener and one teaspoon of rubbing alcohol, however, be aware that fabric softener and rubbing alcohol are highly flammable substances so use with caution.

Crease-free linen sheets

Meanwhile, a product-free hack to get your linen sheets looking fresh and crisp without an iron is to chuck them into your dryer with a couple of ice cubes.

It seems odd, but if you put your sheets in for a 15 minute cycle on high heat, the ice cubes will melt to create steam, helping to ease out those creases.

Linen quilt cover before and after wrinkle removing spray
Linen sheets and quilt covers look amazing but crease easily. Photo: TikTok/Carolina Mccauley

“It works best when you have just a few items in [your dryer], so keep it to one bedding set at a time for best results,” an expert from Sleepseeker says.

Some people on social media also say they get good results from lightly spraying their bedspread or sheets with water and then smoothing them over, while others prefer to plug their iron in beside their bed and iron their sheets and doona covers directly on the bed once it’s been made.

$6 cleaning hack

For as little as $6 a bottle, rubbing alcohol can be used to clean a whole host of things around the house, and it can also be used as a hand sanitiser.

Carolina uses a 50/50 mix of water and rubbing alcohol and a microfibre cloth to clean her smartphone as well as stainless steel appliances around the house like her coffee machine.

She also says you can “spray undiluted on carpets and rugs to remove stains”.

bottle of Rubbing alcohol
Rubbing alcohol can be used as hand sanitiser or mixed with water for home cleaning. Photo: Chemist Warehouse

Another TikToker swears by using rubbing alcohol to remove greasy fingerprints, while cleanfluencer jillcomesclean uses it to remove permanent marker, disinfect bench tops and clean lipstick stains off glassware. 

She also makes her own DIY ice packs by putting one part rubbing alcohol and two parts water in a ziplock bag in the freezer.

Article by Bianca Soldani

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