DIY Vanity Mirror

DIY Vanity Mirror

If there’s one thing all divas/ glamazons/ beauty gurus know to be most important, it’s lighting. There’s no highlighter that can outshine the effects of really good lighting! So, when designing a glam makeup room for one #creativeweirdo, I knew I had to give her an epic vanity mirror that shines like the heavens. Check out the supplies and steps below! 


Prep It:

Frameless mirror
3 vanity light strips (we used 2 36″ and 1 48″)
Light bulbs
1/2 plywood
3 prong replacement plug
Optional: remote plug adapter for easy on/off
Tools: Table saw, measuring tape, sandpaper, screws, paint

Do It!:

  1. Lay your 3 vanity light strips and frameless mirror down on a big piece of 1/2″ plywood and cut around to create your backing for the entire vanity mirror unit. We used a glass cutter to cut our 48″ x 36″ mirror down 4.5″ on the 36″ side so it would fit perfectly within the 3 light strips. You can do this with a glass cutter from the hardware store or go to your local frame store where they have an industrial glass cutter.
  2. Cut a 48″ x 4″ piece of plywood and two pieces of 4″ x 35.5″ pieces of plywood then attach these with screws to the backing piece of wood that you cut, creating a 3 sided box (see diagram above)
  3. Paint the side pieces and the wood backing if needed.
  4. Drill holes large enough to pass the wiring of each lighting strip through to the back area of the box.
  5. Mount your light strips and mirror with the mounting hardware and mirror clips provided in the package.
  6. Wire the 3 lights together with the 3rd light also wired to a 3-prong replacement plug. *This requires some knowledge of electrical wiring so we recommend getting the help of a professional electrician to make sure your wiring is safe. We also used a remote plug attachment so that the whole mirror can be turned on with a tiny remote! All of this wiring will be concealed within the box you’ve created.

Article by Mr. Kate

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