Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

Eco friendly gift wrapping ideas

The holiday season is one of our favourite times of the year, but unfortunately it comes with unnecessary waste - particularly when it comes to gift wrapping.

Instead of using the usual printed wrapping paper (shiny and glittery papers should especially be avoided because they can't be recycled), opt for more environmentally (and wallet!) friendly gift wrap options to reduce your waste during the festive season.

Here are five easy - and lovely! - gift wrap ideas that are kinder to the planet while still looking beautifully festive.

1. Kraft paper

Try using brown kraft paper which is biodegradable and can be recycled (unlike shiny or glossy paper).

Kraft paper will give your gifts a beautifully rustic look that can be made festive with the addition of twine and some fresh, dried or faux flowers or a sprig of greenery.

Alternatively, use stamps to decorate the paper with the recipients name or a Christmas greeting.

kraft paper gift wrap

2. Baskets and boxes

A beautiful basket is not only a stunning way to wrap a group of gifts or a hamper, but it's also a wonderfully functional gift that can be used again and again.  

Another alternative is to use keep any pretty boxes you receive over the year to repurpose at Christmas time. 

basket as gift wrap

3. Fabric 

Wrapping gifts in fabric is a common practice in Japan called 'furoshiki'.

Square or rectangular shaped fabrics offer a sustainable alternative to paper gift wrapping which not only looks beautiful but you can also use fabric time and time again - suitable fabrics might include a tea towel, cloth napkins or a beautiful scarf. 

If you're not sure how to master furoshiki (try this guide!), simply use your fabric to wrap your gift bon-bon style with twine at each end.

wrapping gifts with fabric

4. Newspaper

Wrapping with newspaper gives a gorgeous vintage look which is easily recyclable.  Adding some red twine or some fresh flowers and greenery will create an eclectic but beautiful gifting experience. 

newspaper gift wrap

5. Childrens artwork

If you have young children, you most likely collect a lot of artwork throughout the year.  They'll be delighted if you use it to wrap gifts for much-loved family members, who will appreciate it too.  The bonus is you no longer to hold onto mountains of your kids "masterpieces", while they'll be happy their artwork was put to special use.

kids art wrapping paper

Article by Sea Tribe  / Main image by Melissa Elmin 


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