Preparing your house for the holidays

Preparing your house for the holidays

Combine the silly season with the summer season with our guide to preparing your house for the holidays! Whether you’re sharing your home with family and friends or keeping it quiet and simple, avoid the stress of last-minute preparations with a little of our help! By getting ready early you’ll be sure to enjoy every moment in the lead up to the big day.


Step 1: Declutter

First things first – Declutter. This might sound like an odd one, however, hear us out. With all the magical decorations you’re about to bring into your space and all the toys and presents that’ll be opened on Christmas Day; it’s a great idea to declutter your space well ahead of time. We don’t want to panic on Christmas eve that the house is cluttered, and guests are arriving tomorrow!

Christmas styled room with tree and cushions

Step 2: Don’t forget the garden

In Australia we’re so lucky to celebrate this magical season in sunny weather so be sure you don’t forget about back the back garden; we’ll need somewhere to play backyard cricket after all! Since we’re focused on the garden why not add some new additions from outdoor cushions to stylish planters.

Step 3: Stock up with batteries

When it comes to Christmas morning this is one of the most important preparations! When the little ones open their presents and want to play with them right away, you’ll be thankful you stocked up.

Step 4: Add a festive touch

Now comes the fun part! Our homes are our place of sanctuary and are the canvas upon which we can reflect our personality. This Christmas choose a palette that is ‘you’ from our four style stories and discover the style that feels authentic to you and your family this Christmas.

Shop Joyful | Shop Global | Shop Australian Native | Shop Coastal

Step 5: Table décor

Sharing a meal with family and friends at Christmas time is one of the most magical, memory-making moments of the entire year. Add a festive touch to your dining table from a pop of greenery to a playful placemat. Be sure to bring out the “best” glassware too.

Pillow Talk Christmas dining tale set up

Step 6: Food, drink and lots of it

This is perhaps our favourite step! The scene is set and now it’s time to enjoy the festivities with an abundance of food and drink. Coming home, coming together, sharing dishes made from decades-old family recipes, there’s nothing else quite like it.

Now that we’re all prepared and decorated the last thing to do is enjoy the magical memories Christmas brings! From our Pillow Talk family to yours we hope you have a wonderful Christmas season.

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