Spring Plant Care: 6 Tips To Happier Houseplants

Spring Plant Care: 6 Tips To Happier Houseplants

Paul Takchi of Exotic Nurseries agrees 'There’s something about Spring that gives us that extra drive. The weather warms up, energy levels boost and we feel more motivated than ever. The same goes for plants - they spruce up, put on growth and bring life to your indoor space. It’s the perfect time for green life to play its part in brightening up your home or office space.'

Here are a few tips to get your indoor plant oasis sorted for the warmer months.

Prune it

Now is the opportune moment to take a good look at your plant friends and get rid of any unwanted baggage. If you see any brown or dying leaves, it’s best to get rid of them. They won’t be growing back! Your plant will thank you for it, as it can now focus on channelling the water to the healthy part of the plant.

Spring Clean

Cleaning the leaves of your plant will not only make your plant look healthier, but it will also allow it to absorb light more easily and you’ll ultimately have a happier plant. There are a couple of ways you can achieve this; Use a damp, soft cloth to gently wipe over the leaves. Be sure to support the leaves by placing the palm of your hand beneath it. Make sure you clean both sides of the leaf. Another great way is gently rinsing them in the shower or sink. You must be careful not to overwater your cacti or succulents!

Tip: A plant that feels furry should be left alone, its leaves won’t like the disturbance.


Your plant gang is ready for further hydration as the weather starts to warm. No need to go crazy and water every day, but if you were watering every two weeks during the cooler months, you could increase to once a week. An easy way to check if water is required is by popping your finger in the top layer of soil (say 3cm) and if it’s dry, pop in some water!

Some variety of plants benefit from more water than others, so be careful not to overwater! Some people dedicate a day, such as Sunday morning, for example, to pop on some tunes, let in some fresh air and take time to connect with your plants and give them some love! Not only will they love you for it, but it’s also extremely good for your mind, body and soul.


As the seasons change and you start to notice different light entering your home, you may also need to consider the position of your plants. If you’ve moved your plant friends around during winter, now is the time to consider your plant positions and potentially look at moving - you don’t want their gorgeous leaves to get burnt by the sun!


Spring is the best time to re-pot your plants, only if they need it! Generally, house plants don’t need to be re-potted that often, but there is a chance if they’ve been in the same pot for some time, they may become root-bound.

If you see signs of roots growing out of the base of the pot, or your pot busting open, it’s time. We suggest only going one pot size up, as your plant will be spending too much of its time trying to guide all of its energy to the roots, rather than growing above.


Spring is the perfect time to give your plants some extra vitality. Organic fertiliser is our pick of the bunch as it will promote gentle and sustainable growth. Be careful with how much you use initially as you don’t want to burn the roots, so start off slow.

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