Easy Home Workout

Easy Home Workout

easy at home workout

I feel so lucky that we have a gym in our building—especially when it’s cold outside and I have no desire to walk to yoga or another workout class. But somedays when I’m feeling especially lazy, I like having a simple workout that I can do at home in my living room. This workout consists of 7 easy moves that require no weights or equipment—yay! I do use a yoga mat here, but it’s not necessary. I just find it more comfortable for when I’m doing crunches and planks. If you don’t have one, exercise on carpeted floor or use a towel.

My workout top is from Anthropologie—did you know they have really cute workout gear?! My yoga pants are from Kate Spade’s collaboration with Beyond Yoga—they’re no longer available, but these are super cute too! I also just got these cute New Balance sneakers which are really best for lifestyle wear, but I was too excited to wear them and share them with you guys so I worked out in them! They’re very comfortable and not as wide as I used to find New Balance sneakers.

This workout is also perfect if you’re traveling and need a quick workout to do in your hotel room since it requires very little space! I recommend doing two to three sets for a good workout. By the end of one you’re really just getting warm, so push yourself to at least do two!


open back workout tank
new balance sneakers




jumping jacks warmup
cardio at home

Before I start any workout, I like to make sure that my muscles are warm. I’ll start with 15-30 minutes on the stair master when I’m at the gym, but when I’m at home, jumping jacks are the perfect alternative. They get your blood pumping and get your heart rate up quickly. You don’t need much room for them either, just make sure you’re landing lightly to not disturb your downstairs neighbors!


2. 30 SQUATS

squats at home
Start with your feet about hip-width distance apart and point your toes forward—they should line up with where your knees are pointing to keep you from injuring yourself. Put your arms straight out and keep them there the whole time—it’s a great extra workout for them! Now, sit back and squat deeply, but don’t go further than a 90-degree angle to protect your knees. Stand up and repeat 30 times. If you have a full-length mirror at home, check your alignment when you squat!

Workout Tops







chair tricep dips
a simple home workout that requires no equipment

Grab a chair! Really any chair that’s about dining chair height will work. Make sure it’s not going to slide out from underneath you. You can keep your knees bent or straight here. Straight legs will give you an extra challenge. Put your hands on the chairs with your fingers pointing towards the front, not the back of the chair. Dip until your arms hit a 90-degree angle. You might have to adjust your footing on the first one. Now push back up. Continue for 15 reps.


a quick and easy home workout that requires no equipment | thefoxandshe.com



walking lunges

You can either do these in place, or actually walk. I like actually walking and just go back and forth down the hall. Take a big step and bend deeply until your knees both make 90-degree angles, continue with the other leg. Make sure you don’t let your bottom knee hit the ground either! You’ll do 15 lunges per leg by the end.



1 minute plank for strong abs
Planks are tough ones, but they’re so good for your abs. I like to set a timer on my phone and make sure I have some good music playing! Start laying on the ground on your stomach and then push yourself onto your forearms and toes and start! Make sure you’re engaging your stomach muscles and back muscles—don’t let your booty droop as this will cause back pain!

6. 15 PUSH-UPS 

arm workout—pushups

I’ll be honest, I could barely do 5 push-ups before starting BBG, but in just 8 weeks, my arms are so much stronger and now I can do more, but I won’t lie—15 is still a struggle! If you’re just getting started, you can modify your push-ups and do them on your knees. For my push-ups, I do them chaturanga, yoga-style where my elbows are pinched in close to my ribs. For whatever reason, the other kind hurts my arms, but do what feels right for you! Again, make sure to keep your abs and back muscles engaged and don’t let your belly drop low to protect your back.




bicycle crunches
oblique workout

Last exercise! Bicycle crunches will be a breeze after doing your plank! Don’t rush these and go slow if you can. Try not to crunch your neck either and really reach up to reach your opposite knee. You’re done after 40, which means 20 on each side.



cute workout top
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When you’ve completed your two to three sets, make sure to do a cool down stretch, taking your time to fully stretch. I like to stay in each of my stretches for about 20-30 seconds. I always do two rounds of stretching to make sure I’m fully stretched out and avoid injuring myself.

Do you like to workout at home? What easy workouts do you love to do that require no equipment?

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